The Art Department Eindhoven 2022

The quest for the right imagery in the development of a movie or game, is the space where technical skills, craftsmanship and creativity come together. Time to curate an expo about this, we thought! Free entrance so tell your friends. Open from 9.30-18.30.

What we see on our streaming channels, in cinema or in a game is the end result of a long design process in which artists are in the search for the perfect images or characters. In this exhibition you will find the original art work and sketches for numerous projects.

The original artwork and puppets of Netflix’s amazing stop motion film Robin Robin by Mikey Please will be on display. To enjoy for an up, close and personal exploration.

The works of illustrator and urban sketcher Jörg Asselborn are simply amazing. We are over the moon we can showcase some of his originals.

Fantasy artist Jesper Ejsing worked for Magic, Runebound, Pathfider and Wizards of the Coast. You can see his working process for numerous illustrations at this expo.

Illustrator Armel Gaulme was embraced by Caurette publishing house, and for good reasons. Come and see his art work an sketches of ‘BESTiary’, in the spirit of J.J. Grandville’s drawings and ‘Les Carnets Lovecraft’ inspired by the fantastic literature of H.P. Lovecraft.

Also on display are the paper sculptors of Vera van Wolferen. She creates intricate and meticulously-constructed scenes out of paper, cardboard and wood. As a playful escapist she creates ‘Story Objects’, mostly miniature sculptures that look like sets for animated films. Her dreamt-up architectural worlds are vehicles for the imagination.

During the expo Armel and Jörg will demonstrate their skills in some live sketching sessions (times to be announced). And to also dive into the sculpting process, also often used in the development of the visual style of games, animation and films, we asked Dutch artist Joop Bongaerts to do some live sculpting sessions.

21+22 April
Free entrance


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