The Art Department Eindhoven 2022

Rozsypne is a compelling virtual reality experience directed by Dutch artists Nienke Huitenga and Lisa Weeda about the Ukrainian village Rozsypne.

It is summer 2014 when the MH17 flight is shot down and crashes right into Rozsypne. A village that is the core of a horrendous civil war. The plain crash was the first time the situation in Rozsypne gained attention by international media. 

The coverage of the news was mainly focussed on Western European lives. This VR-story is focussed around Nina, an elderly Eastern-Ukrainian woman. Nina tries to secure her daily life in a warzone with the MH17 crash at her doorstep.

Moving through the distinctive Ukrainian sunflower fields, we witness the details of Nina’s austere but cozy home and experience the feeling of this faraway reality up close. A vivid and brightly colored exploration of mourning, endurance, and common human feeling.