6 September 2023


quick recap about the line-up and program!

With just a few days away from our BIG British adventure, we’re taming down the nerves with a quick look at what to expect from In Motion London. We still cannot believe we have managed to pull such an incredible program and that so many wonderful guests chose to join us for our very first edition in London. In terms of dreams, this one is definitely coming true!


As you know, we promised artist talks by industry legends of the animation world. Character designers Aaron Blaise and Borja Montoro have worked on many (and let’s admit: some of our favorite!) Disney classics. Think The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and more. We’ll be joined also by former Pixar animation director Andrew Gordon responsible for films like Toy Story 2 and 3, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Cars, WallE as well as many others.

No need to sink in the nostalgic waters though, because Patrick O’Keefe will also be in the house gleefully chatting about working on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse experience. We’ll also have Tobias Gremmler letting us peek into futuristic and experimental animations. And did we mention Double Emmy-nominated and Tribeca X-winning director, Fx Goby will also be there bringing is multidisciplinary expertise? He sure is!

On the topic of current trend-setters you shouldn’t miss the talks of filmmaker and animation director Anna Ginsburg, illustrator and animator Danni Fisher-Shin and filmmaker Anna Matzaris.

And just because sometimes we all need some honest truths related to working in the industry plus some tips about managing expectations and keeping things grounded, we’re also inviting you to join the Real Talks with Izzy Burton and Loish.

Re-infuse inspiration and fun into the work! We’re bringing She Drew That – a collective of female animators – to tell us how to do this in We Just Want To Have Fun panel discussion. On the side, they will also host a live sketching session. Just as Loish and Animade studio. So if you like drawing along, make sure you join one (or all) of these sessions.

Traditional tools: not your cup-of-tea? No worries, with the help of our principal sponsor Procreate we’ve also set up some demos with wonderful artists that will showcase lots of tips and tricks with this fantastic tool. Speaking of Procreate, they have prepared a very special announcement happening during our festival! Exciting!

Those wanting to get a better grasp of the state of the animation industry, See No Evil has set up two additional panels: Education in Animation and
AI: Perspectives on the Future of Animation.

Looking for a career boost? Industry One-on-Ones is the place to go. Pitch a project, present your reel, show your portfolio or simply pick the brains of a professional. We’ve got some amazing studios and artists to join this networking hub. But first, you might want to check out their projects so don’t miss the talks of animation studios BUCK, The Line,FutureDeluxe, Animade and Studio AKA.

There’s work networking… and then there’s FUN and PARTY networking! Equally important. That’s why we’re setting up an evening program a.k.a Afterparty(that you can join for free if you already have a festival pass and otherwise can get tickets for!). This is not just any afterparty but one from the closet of queer radical subversive director David Wilson!

Aaaand, to wrap up the In Motion experience we’ve invited none other than Dutch electronic music producer Figito close our Saturday night.

FOMO vibes yet? Then definitely RUN and get one of the last remaining tickets!

See you at In Motion London!