The Art Department Berlin 2024 (sold out)

The same model, a time limit, people drawing in the same time. Let’s see who can sketch it best!

Throughout The Art Department Berlin we’ll get to enjoy multiple Drink and Draw Sketching sessions filled with insightful tips and feedback provided by our amazing friends from Drink and Draw Berlin. To wrap up each of the days and also to put a bit the knowledge to the test, we’re closing things off in style with some epic sketching battles!

You’ll be sketching in Procreate on iPads (provided by us!). The challenge is open to all visitors, regardless of their experience. You don’t need to sign up in advance.

Just show up and give it your best! Keep in mind: sometimes we all need a bit of pressure in order to create amazing things! And fear not, if anything, these battles are bound to bring a lot of fun!

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