The Art Department Berlin 2024 (sold out)

We all know it: being present on social media is the necessary evil most artists (aspiring or established professionals as well) have to tackle. Few genuinely like it but many feel they “need it” in order to bring more visibility to their works. How to manage things under these circumstances? How to enjoy its benefits without letting it influence too much the creative process or add pressure to perform in a specific way?

About these things and more, we will discuss in this Convoloot panel with Loish, Eileen Tretter and Peter Brockhammer in a talk moderated by Spiridon Giannakis.

Dutch digital artist Loish is one of the perfect examples of creators that have tamed the social media beast. A mastermind in terms of creating and managing communities, Loish is known for her character designs for LEGO, Guerrilla Games, Amazon, EA, Coca-Cola, and more, alongside her personal projects, books and tutorials.

Eileen Marie Tretter is a freelance illustrator with a hands-on mentality and a free roaming creative spirit. She loves creating all kinds of whimsical and fun illustrations and utilises in her works both traditional and digital media. She also enjoys working on 3D installations and painting murals. Her projects and clients include RundStil, Steyler Verlag, Soho House Berlin, Bad Bruises, the Haus- Berlin Art Bang and Wandelism alongside managing the amazing Drink and Draw Berlin community.

Character designer and concept artist Peter Brockhammer is known for his characters that capture the timeless magic of Disney classics but are sprinkled with new touches and original interpretations. He is currently working for Disney Lorcana and Materia Berlin.

The discussion is going to be moderated by longtime Playgrounds friend, creative consultant, art book designer and publisher Spiridon Giannakis. Starting in 2017 he has helped artists, like Even Mehl Amundsen, Abigail Larson, Björn Hurri, Bastien Deharme, and many more, to publish their art books managing their crowdfunding campaigns. His latest project is Convoloot, a platform entirely focused on conversations and interviews with industry professionals and community leaders.

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