The Art Department Berlin 2024

His film credits include: Toy Story 3, Bolt, the Ice Age Franchise, Epic, The Peanuts Movie, Spies In Disguise, Nimona, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (unreleased), Tiana, to name a few.

Ty Carter is that uncommon individual who possesses the soul of an artist, the mind of an entrepreneur, and the generous heart of a teacher. We’re so very excited to enjoy this special personality mix of his during his time at TAD Berlin 2024!


He graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Animation. While in school, he interned at Disney Feature Animation in 2008 and Pixar Animation Studios in 2009 where he worked on projects such as Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and Day & Night. At BYU, Tyler directed and produced DreamGiver – a short film that took home several industry awards, including an Emmy and honor at the Cannes Short Film circuit.

The success would lead Ty to pursue art direction and production design at the largest animation studios in the world such as Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky and Netflix.

Ty is also the creative behind the LGND brand who brought fine art with eco-friendly tech into the blockchain space with revolutionary galleries at Basel Miami, ComplexCon and EDC.

He currently teaches online through his mentorship on patreon.com/tycarter. In the past, he taught at CGMA, SVS, AnimSchool, LAAFA, and School of Visual Arts.

With his The Art Department talk Ty will give us insights about creating believable characters and environments for animation. Exciting!