Past events

20 October 2021
Playgrounds TV: Rachelle Joy Slingerland
in-depth interview about character design
7 October 2021 - 8 October 2021
Playgrounds Blend 2021 (on-site)
our first creative meetup in skate park Pier15
22 September 2021
Playgrounds TV: Jeremy Hoffman
in-dept interview about character design
27 August 2021
Playgrounds TV: re-watch Marek Madej
in-depth interview with illustrator and concept Marek Madej working for CD PROJECT RED
20 August 2021
Playgrounds TV: re-watch panel Free Spirits of Games
panel about starting and sustaining a game studio
13 August 2021
Playgrounds TV: re-watch Amanita Design
artist talk by Czech indie game developer
6 August 2021
Playgrounds TV: re-watch discussing concept art for The Last of Us Part II
panel with Danar Worya, Florent Lebrun and Jad Saber
30 July 2021
Playgrounds TV: re-watch BUCK Europe
in-depth interview with Creative Director Vincent Lammers
16 July 2021
Playgrounds TV: re-watch Ilse Harting
in-depth interview
2 July 2021
Playgrounds TV: Pablo Dominguez
in-dept interview
2 July 2021
Next Academy: Masterclass script writing by Jolein Laarman
25 June 2021 - 26 June 2021
The Art Department | World Tour
24h online fest
18 June 2021
Playgrounds TV: re-watch John Nevarez
in-depth interview
4 June 2021
Playgrounds TV: Beatrice Blue
in-depth interview
21 May 2021
Playgrounds TV: Finnian MacManus
in-depth interview
7 May 2021
Playgrounds TV: BUCK Amsterdam
in-depth interview with Vincent Lammers
23 April 2021
Playgrounds TV: Lucas Zanotto
in-depth interview
9 April 2021
Playgrounds TV: Crypto Art + NFTs
New way to monitize digital art of just a marketing trick of crypto investors?
26 March 2021
Playgrounds TV: Ilse Harting
in-depth interview
12 March 2021
Playgrounds TV: John Nevarez
an in-depth interview
26 February 2021
Next Academy x KONKAV: Online Masterclass ‘All about the film producer’
29 January 2021
Next Academy: Online Masterclass Immersive Storytelling by Nienke Huitenga
16 December 2020
Next Academy: Research for film by Manon van der Sluys
12 December 2020
Playgrounds TV: games
an evening about game development of all kinds