PLAYGROUNDS BLEND expo 'Post-digital heritage'

How do we deal with spaces that change in function, or completely dissapear from existence. While digitally new spaces emerge that influence our physical world. This exhibition investigates the space of the church Grote Kerk in Breda and its possible future functions. A space where digital and physical information is exchanged.

1 November 2022 - 8 January 2023 (Event has ended)
Entrance fee
Free entrance

Playgrounds curated and created the exhibition ‘Post-digital heritage’ is on display in Grote Kerk in Breda. Works by Ari Weinkle, Heleen Blanken and YOU+PEA are showcased. Nils Völker and Daniel Wesseik create new site-specific work for this exhibition.

The exhibition has been prolonged until 8 January. The exhibition is free to visit. Current opening hours can be checked here.