Churches have long been repositories for stories. Attendees utter prayers, confessions and private intonations which become contained within the walls of the Church. Their structures hold relics from the past, tombs and artefacts commemorating people and events throughout history.
You+Pea re-imagines the Church as a place for storing data.

Having once served as centres for the community, the church could now remain localised, a way for people to store and protect their information in an easily accessible location as opposed to a mysterious off-shore site. Data centres are the physical form of the internet and the cloud, drawing vast resources, with specific environmental requirements. You+Pea have constructed a virtual game space that reimagines the church as the connection point between our information, stored on physical devices, and all the many worlds of information and experience that this connects us to.

In the game, the stained-glass window acts as a portal to a unique virtual realm overwhelmed by different forms of data which the player must navigate through.

If the Church has always been a repository for our ideas, stories and collective experiences, then the Church of Colocation by You+Pea suggests that these relationships can continue on into the cloud, where we will make new memories, store new codices and unravel new meanings.

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