Garbage bags, honeycomb papers and children’s toys and just some of the everyday objects media artist Nils Völker turns into breath-taking volumetric structures and installations. He models the light- and fragile-looking surfaces of his artworks with the help of electronics and programming: immaterial forms turn into organic- and wave-like motion. His installations are always site-specific and we’re simply ecstatic to have one of them named ‘Multiple Of Three’ included in the Blend exhibition and show-cased at De Grote Kerk.

Nils Völker lives and works in Berlin. After studying Visual Communication at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, he has dedicated himself to media art and physical computing since 2010.

Through shadow casts, reflections and the rustling of the plastic foils or the quiet humming of the hidden fans and motors, the fluid and fleeting surfaces of the media art installations often grow far into the exhibition space.


We are extremely happy to have Nils Völker’s installtion ‘Multiple of Three’ included in the BLEND expo. Post-digital Heritage, taking place in De Grote Kerk during 29 Oktober – 2 December.


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