Playful and whimsical the designs of  Lucas Carmago (a.k.a Untitled Army) like challenging perceptions and surprising the viewers with all sorts of visual twists. His painting and drawing experiments, his journey of learning a second language, alongside his passion for surrealism, all combine unexpectedly bringing unique characters, ideas, animations and art to life.

A top-selling NFT artist, he won several international awards and distinctions such as Cannes, Clio, ADC, D&AD both in advertising and as a 3D artist. Among other projects, he contributed with shaping the creative direction and some of the characters designs for films like Conoco, 4-H Film and Curaviva | Rosemarie‘s Life.

With his project, Untitled Army, he aims to capture his experiences and observations. He draws obsessively from the stream of life and whatever else comes to mind, seeking to document and understand the world around him. He is looking to expand his ideas into fine art, animation, books and any other medium where he can apply his vision.

During In Motion Rotterdam we can‘t wait to learn more about the works and projects of Untitled Army!

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