YONK is a 3D animation studio made up of Victoria Young and Niels van der Donk. YONK is specialized in the use of Virtual Reality Sculpting software to create visually striking artworks, animations and character designs.

Their innovative approach to this technology has resulted in a unique style that blends raw, childlike sculpting with polished, vibrant veneers. The studio’s mission is to break free from traditional 3D norms, crafting work that is playful, maximalist and delightfully strange. YONK’s creations have been featured in campaigns for brands such as Nike, Selfridges, Google and Sprite.

YONK will be joining us at In Motion Rotterdam to talk about their journey of building a 3D Animation Studio with a heavy focus on their playful approach to 3D. They will guide us through the discovery of VR sculpting and how it changed the trajectory of the studio.