The Art Department Eindhoven 2024 (SOLD OUT)

Showcase with intro by Didier Konings

Director Didier Konings introduces his horror film Witte Wieven in this exclusive showcase. Join us to hear Didier reflect on his process and key takeaways as well as the obstacles he faced while creating his debut feature.

Witte Wieven takes us to a puritanical Dutch village during the Dark Ages. Here, Frieda, a newlywed young woman, struggles against a community that blames her for not providing her husband with a child. Believing God will provide salvation, she immerses herself in religion with the help of the local priest.

But when a lecherous butcher pursues her into a forbidden forest only for her to later return to the village unscathed, the community once again grows suspicious. Was it God who protected her? Or the dark forces living deep within the forest? The balance of power changes when Frieda’s own superstitions morph into something more sinister: a strong faith in the force that lingers in the darkness.

Catch Didier Koning’s introduction and showcase of this haunting, important film in the auditorium.

Time: 19th April, 20:00
Location: Auditorium, NatLab
Price: TAD Guest Free / Regular €13,50 / Student €9,00

Free entrance with a TAD wristband. Individual tickets can be bought here.

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