Playgrounds Blend 2021 (on-site)

Three artists who explore digital and physical identity, human and animal shapes and forms. In the program Morphing Bodies we’ll welcome The Fabricant, Mike Pelletier and Lisa Rampilli on stage!

Imagine altering your digital presence using garments and fashion pieces never before seen or created in physical space. Outfits specifically designed for the digital environment, doing things and moving in ways we could never fathom or achieve  in real life. Unleash your mind to this extraordinary potential! Because the The Fabricant digital fashion house just crash-coursed us in an alternative future of fashion, worthy of 21st century.

Mike Pelletier’s  work critiques modern technology’s essentializing archetypes and movements to bring to light various modes of performance and representation in the contemporary era. We had the pleasure to have him as our guest and we are exciting he’ll join Blend!

Lisa Rampilli is an Italian artist & designer, living and working in Milan. Raised by biologists, the subject matter of her work is directly influenced by this immersive background in the sciences and natural world. Equally inspired by the cosmos, her studies in drawing and painting culminated with a thesis on psychedelic art, spanning from Hieronymus Bosch to the Beat Generation.

Thursday 7 Oct | 13.15-15.25 | €7,50

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