Playgrounds Blend 2021 (on-site)

As a direct response to our new-found relation with our hair in a pandemic lockdown, this exhibition investigates the different ways in which artists took on the theme of hairiness both digitally and physically. During Blend you will be able to see materializations of hair, furs and skin within digital and analogue projects.

Join our expo and discover artists like Universal Everything, Lisa Rampili, Bart Hess, Job, Joris & Marieke, Becky&Joe and Zach Lieberman. Virtually try out new ‘skins’ and see how you look covered in hair flowers or bubbles! Take a dive into the dark side and check how it’s like to be caged and surrounded by hairy creatures.

Marvel at the thought-provoking multi-media artworks included in our show-case! Or, try something completely different: make your own hairy project and let your hair grow! Because as an added bonus to the exhibition, we’ve invited Cuts On The Road to provide free haircuts to all Blend visitors.

More about the artists