playgrounds 2014 | ARTIST TALK

Andrew Thomas Huang is a filmmaker and artist from L.A.

Noted for his surreal visual aesthetic and talent for seamlessly combining live action and visual effects, Andrew’s work has been showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase at Cannes Lions, as well as in various publications. Huang was recently awarded Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards: Bjork handpicked him to direct her music video for ‘Mutual Core’. He has since gone on to direct for Sigur Ros and Thom Yorke’s band Atoms for Peace. In addition to music videos, Andrew continues his adventure in advertising, alongside feature film and personal projects, like his award-winning short ‘Solipsist’. And again, Huang mixes the ultra modern world of moviemaking with the nearly archaic act of constructing; his costumes and landscapes are built out of anything from yarn and rocks to foam and feathers. By combining the two seemingly different worlds, he brings his sculptures to life through the motion of film. At Playgrounds he will share his childhood inspirations and how these translated into filmmaking/artmaking process.