Playgrounds Blend 2021 (on-site)

Blend would not be Blend without exciting fun experiences in our program! So prepare to engage in an epic Pong tournament, get a free haircut with an edge, interact with laser lights or enter a jumping-chillax mode with a top-notch film program in our bounce film house.
And that’s not all. Because we also have two awesome installations you should definitely check out!

Highlights from our outdoor program:

Smart Distancing System (open 7-10 October)
Smart Distancing System is Jólan van der Wiel’s answer to the question of how keeping distance can be made easier and more fun. The system projects interactive lines between two or more people and follows them in a given space. Smart Distancing is not just about keeping a safe distance, but aims to connect people where physical contact is limited.
 Be the first to experience this installation as it world-premieres at our festival!

Together Apart (open 7-10 October)
In this VR installation by artists Micha Hamel and Demian Albers from APVIS, you get to explore how a man and a woman deal differently with the events of their childhood when they engage in a relationship with each other. You can navigate through their story by making choices in the design of the storyline, thus creating a personal version and outcome: will they stay together, or will they drift apart? It’s up to you.

Synthese (open 7-10 October)

Synthese by Matunda Groenendijk is a virtual reality installation which takes you into the world of Walter Gardner, an old painter who loses himself in the unending process of his next masterpiece. Only when he accepts his hopeless situation, can he look at the world through new eyes.

In a society focused on performance we are confronted almost daily with questions like: Am I good enough? Do I matter? Do I add anything to this world? People are always so busy worrying about their place in the world that they never wonder about what life can give them. Synthese follows Gardner’s journey to a new, liberating worldview. Enjoying the sun, clouds and wind, he rediscovers himself and his passion in painting.

Physical Pong (open 7-10 October)

Remember the old game Pong by Atari. Visual artist Thijs Eerens translated this classic arcade game into a huge physical installation. Here you play Pong by pulling ropes. Two people play against each other in a game area of 10 x 5 meter! So polish your skills, or try your first game of Pong.

Film Program (open 7-10 October)

Experience a film program curated by Playgrounds especially for Blend 2021. During 7&8 October the film program is experienced from a bounce film house. On 9 and 10 October you can watch the films from the Pier15 terrace. 
You can find the titles in the film program here.

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