The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Award winning multi-sensory XR experience, of SXSW and IDFA DocLab fame, makes its way to The Art Department Eindhoven 2024!

SYMBIOSIS now invites our Klokgebouw audience to explore its speculative world, 200 years into the future, where a rich biosphere of mixed symbiotic life-forms has taken over the earth’s ecosystem. In a virtual world, with augmented scent, soft robotics and food snacks, the participant becomes a symbiont: a human-animal, and human-machine hybrid.

SYMBIOSIS is one of the first multi-sensory XR (extended reality) storytelling experiences, an award-winning performative, multi-user installation that takes the art of immersive storytelling to a whole new level. Through individualized haptic suits and soft robotics, as well as taste and smell-based story elements, the human body will be experientially redesigned to merge with technology and nature itself. Brought together in one VR experience, you will explore a world changed beyond recognition which you can taste, hear, see and feel.

The project is the result of a spectacular collaboration between Polymorf and Studio Biarritz.

Dutch interdisciplinary experience design collective Polymorf designs by any media necessary to create speculative design and multi-sensory experiences using cutting-edge technologies. Their groundbreaking work engages audiences by creating fully embodied immersive experiences. This is reflected in their body of work, which consists of VR experiences, theatrical performances and installation pieces.

Studio Biarritz, founded by Corine Meijers in 2019, is now an established production house that specializes in audiovisual projects that cross borders. Studio Biarritz develops its own projects, but also loves collaborating with filmmakers, artists and partners from all over the world to produce stories with a lot of heart that are relevant for our trying times.

During The Art Department Eindhoven you can experience Symbiosis in smaller (6 people) or larger groups (20 people).

On the day of the festival you will need to register for an available time-slot at the booth next to the installation.

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