The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Anna Mantzaris is a Swedish director and artist with an instantly recognizable style of tactile and fuzzy stop-motion animation. She blends humor and melancholy effortlessly, with intricately crafted scenes and delicate, nuanced performances from her characters. During The Art Department Eindhoven we’ll get a chance to look at some of her stop motion characters and sets up, close and personal, right on the Klokgebouw grounds.

Anna Mantzaris was educated at the University of Volda, Norway, and has a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London. Her films have won more than 90 international awards worldwide. 

 “Observing other people’s behaviour can be a painful mirror to look in. Although we may walk around thinking we are unique, there are certain things that unite us. For example, the uncertainty about how we should master life, the self-pity that follows our setbacks, and a vain desire to be liked.”

These parts of the human are something that Anna Mantzaris is interested in and captures in her characters and stop motion films. 

 In this exhibition, some of Mantzaris films are presented alongside different characters. Also included is a variety of built up sets, constructed to be filmed from an angle, with a back that is not intended to be seen on camera. By presenting them in their entirety, we showcase the incredible craftsmanship behind their creation.