The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

At times psychedelic at times meditative, ELELE is a sensory and intuitive VR experience featuring only your hands. With music from renowned electronic musician Max Cooper, it invites you(r hands) to take part in a dance performance and explore the beauty of your movements. Listen to the music and let your hands lead the way. Dance as big and loud as you want or as small and simple as you want. You’re only expected to bring an open mind. But beware, things may get a little out of hand…

An Institute of Time production, ELELE is the directorial debut of Dutch artist Sjoerd van Acker (aka No Fish).

Sjoerd van Acker was born in the Netherlands, but was brought up in various places in Africa. He studied Image and Media Technology at the University of the Arts Utrecht. He started experimenting with VR during an internship at a theatre group that has done pioneering XR work. After graduating, he started working under the name NO FISH as a Creative Technologist, creating virtual exhibitions and VR experiences for museums and artists. ELELE is his directorial debut he developed at Biennale College Cinema VR.

ELELE was produced by Institute of Time an interdisciplinary film and new media company based in Amsterdam and in Istanbul. Established in 2018, the Institute’s works have been exhibited in festivals like Venice Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Hot Docs, True/False Film Festival, NewImages. Two projects from the Institute were exhibited in 79th Venice Film Festival’s Immersive section. The Miracle Basket by Abner Preis received the Best Of Fest distinction while ELELE by Sjoerd van Acker was awarded the Biennale College Cinema VR grant.