The Art Department Eindhoven 2024

Edwin Rhemrev is a set designer and art director from Voorburg, The Netherlands. He has been a creative professional for over 20 years, spanning a career that includes games, theme parks and animation. He has worked on over 20 animated features, including blockbusters like Despicable Me 3, Over the Moon, Migration, The Grinch, Minions: Rise of Gru, My Little Pony, Chickenhare and more.

Throughout the time, Rhemrev has worked with Netflix, Illumination, Glen Keane Productions, Paramount, Skydance, Nickelodeon and many others. 

Notable among his upcoming projects are Pookoo, David, Spongebob: The Search for Squarepants and the Dutch feature  Pandabear in Africa.

Besides his day job as a set designer, Edwin is also known for his whimsical pen-sketches of crooked houses, steampunk cities and armies of goblins as shared through his Instagram @rhemrev. Later this year he also plans on launching his Patreon, where he’ll share tutorials and courses on set design and IP development.