bring your work on usb!

During The Art Department we’ll set up Paint-over Sessions and several international artists will be present to review your work and enhance it by painting over it live. So bring your work on a USB stick so they can actually do this!

The Paint-over Sessions will be held at 4 and 5 Oct. You can apply for a time slot at the venue where the exact schedule will be available for you. Time slots consists of 15 minutes, so be prepared!! Full = full

Time schedule of all artists in these sessions is online now! Tentative program, all rights reserved.

You can reserve a time slot with at the portfolio area close to the Wacom stand: Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Gilles Ketting, Maxx Burman, Wouter Tulp, Tom Jilesen, Brenda van Vugt, One Pixel Brush, Borja Montoro and Finnian Macmanus.