Our Next talents Marleine van der Werf, Niels Hoebers, Loek Vugs, Iris Frankhuizen, Jelle van Meerendonk and Dion Soethoudt will show experiments and their work process developed within the tailor made talent trajectory in Pier15 during Blend.

As Jelle, Loek, Iris and Dion will show sketches, experiments and work they created in an earlier stage, Marleine and Niels will also display the projects they developed within their trajectory. They both are at the end stage of their tailor made talent program.

Marleine will show a teaser for her installation The Living Dead. The Living Dead is a multi sensory installation that uses all the senses to create an out-of-body experience. An intimate experience based on true stories of people who feel that they don’t exist, the ‘living dead’. This installation uses wearables, sound, smell and virtual reality to immerse you in their story. In this 10-minute journey we see a glimpse of how their brains may be the key to the mysteries of human consciousness.

The Living Dead is a collaborative project between international artists and scientists led by filmmaker, artistic researcher and Next talent Marleine van der Werf. During Playgrounds Blend and STRP she will show an exclusive teaser of this installation. Marleine is one of the STRP ACT AWARD winners.

The Living Dead is a STRP co-production and is made possible and developed within the tailor made talent trajectory Next.

Niels’ work characterizes itself by the wide variety of different materials he uses in his animations. The love and knowledge for these materials and their unique qualities ensure that the animations feel magical real.

For Next he is developing the concept of Slow Stories – an animation that has a duration for a month and is created to act as an alternative for a painting. At Blend he displays a teaser of this concept.

Next is a tailor made talent trajectory initiated by Playgrounds. Supported by PostPanic, Submarine, Solar World Cinema, filmmaker Frodo Kuipers, AKV|St. Joost, KLIK animation film festival