concept designer & visual artist

Conceptual designer and visual artist Dion Soethoudt joined the Next talent trajectory in 2019 and completed in March 2020 with amongst others an intense performance during the Dutch Design Week. In 2020 he hosted three online festivals for Playgrounds.


According to the partners of the Next talent program “The work of visual communication designer Dion Soethoudt makes you laugh and wonder. He creates very original multi-disciplinary designs that revolve around human subconscious behaviors. The partners think he challenges our way of thinking and we admire the fact he tells the story of very diverse topics choosing a discipline that matches the story best.”

Dion Soethoudt (1988) is a conceptual designer and artist. The core value of his projects is the meaning of the story and how he can visually translate diverse topics while executing them into a certain formative moment.

Inherited with a prominent mixed cultural and physical identity – from being neither white nor black, compelled him into a deviant unique place, which fundamentally shaped his way of thinking and design methodology.

This often summoned humor in his work, as humor is a deviant act, that challenges the ways of thinking.