Playgrounds Session XL: SoundScape

This fall we dive deep into sounddesign and music for film, animation, VR and games. In a conference with artist talks (30 Nov) and workshops (29 Nov) this Playgrounds Session XL is all about the importance of good sounddesign.


29 November 2018 - 30 November 2018 (Event has ended)
Entrance fee
Tickets for 30 Nov: €50 Tickets for 29 Nov: €40 for only a workshop, €25 in combination with a valid conference ticket for 30 Nov.

Eye and ear candy! On Friday 30 Nov we present a conference on sounddesign with a smashing line-up. Artists working for Game of Thrones, The Marvel series (The Solos), sounddesigners for the trailer of Blade Runner 2049 (Echolab), for Oscar nominated shorts (Bram Meindersma), VR and immersive cinema (Sound Anything) and Google Earth VR (Antfood). Live performance by Binkbeats.

On Thursday 29 Nov you can participate in 2 exclusive workshops. Bram Meindersma will take you into the world of foley sound (10.00-12.30, 15 seats only). And in the midday (13.30-17.00) Antoine Bertin of Sound Anything will teach about how to replicate your ears and how to use them for binaural recording. We love to see you!

Our time schedule is online now. Tentative program, all rights reserved.



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