Playgrounds Blend 2021 (online only)

We made a selection of short films mixing all genres and disciplines that will be screened during the live stream of Blend online as an extra treat. Enjoy!

Short films 24 November

Mooncake (2016, NL) – Rogier van der Zwaag

Visual artist Rogier van der Zwaag made this music video is 2016  for Binkbeats. Made in  with paper, milk, food coloring, mirrors, a fish tank and a lot of love. Mezmering and stunning as are all the works of this visual ‘illusionist’.

Lorne – Timesink (2020, US/NL) – Pavel Brenner for The Panics 

Pavel Brenner’s music video for Lorn’s ‘Timesink’ tells the story of a regular kid navigating a world in which humanity has been wiped out by a widespread disease. This music video was shot months before the outbreak of COVID-19. A macabre warning of sorts. Our protagonist, a young boy, treats this post-pandemic world like a giant playground. The harrowing scenes are commonplace to him. But as the story unfolds we learn not even he is immune to this environment.

Sister (2019, UK) – David Wilson

“A personal expression from a period of disorientation: the euphoria experienced when connecting with myself and/or a lover, & the dysphoria experienced when searching for both. Launched on International Non-Binary Day 2019.”

Christopher Walken’s Coffee shop (2018, LA) – Leah Dubuc

A completely improvised animated short film about Christopher Walken. Walken has branched out from his very successful acting career to pursue his true passion, creating artisanal coffee beverages and pastries, but be warned his concoctions have more than just meets the eye.

Cascade (2016, USA) – John Merizalde & Pasqual Gutierrez

Cascade is a short music film exploring the culture of a famous roller skating venue in Atlanta.

Two Puddles (2019, UK) – Tim Keeling

When a family encounters two radically unusual puddles on a woodland retreat, unspoken tensions finally surface.

ORION (NL) – Rogier van der Zwaag

Sjamsoedin’s music video ORION is a breath of fresh air, in which director Rogier van der Zwaag plays conductor to an imaginary orchestra of smoke, delicately dancing to the tunes of Sjamsoedin’s song.

SKATE (2017, CND) – Diane Shaher

SKATE is a fun, colourful, and explosive skateboarding music video that has no linear story or narrative, which was created as a thesis film but also a passion project.

Short films 25 November

Rett Ned (2016, N) – Simone Hooymans

Rett ned is an ongoing journey, with unexpected places and elusive worlds. Worlds where you will never arrive, but will always stay in your memory. A longing for a mystical world, but with an unearthly undertone. The animation is a direct, personal and emotional respons of the artist on the music.

Hold me Tight (2020, BE) – Mélanie Robert-Tourneur

In the heart of a dark forest two silhouettes come together. The creatures move like predators, attracting and repelling each other. They seduce each other in an explosive mating ritual. Hold me tight is a flamboyant bitter romance where the violent attraction of the characters puts them in danger.

Video clip Rooie Cent (2018, NL) – Aisha Madu

In Rooie Cent we follow young GHQST as he goes on an adventure in search of some coin.

Deerhunter – Plant Thief (2021, UK) – Molly Fairhurst

A video about a very angry girl. Sometimes when you are hurt, so much you could dissolve into ink, nothing can stop your shaking atoms other than being swallowed whole into the dark. Sometimes a giant bird will be there, just in time to do that.

Human Nature (2019, NL) – Sverre Fredriksen and Zaou Vaughan

This stop-motion animation imagines a world where humans are not at the top of the food chain.

Empty Places (2021, F) – Geoffroy de Crécy

Empty Places is an ode to the melancholy of machines.

Humanoid (2018, NL) – Eva Wijers

Humanoid explores how our self-image as humans is effected by the rise of artificial intelligence.