12 May 2021


feast your eyes with this lavishing Eye Candy tip

Another amazing Playgrounds Eye Candy pick from Simon Buijs, combining minimalistic with fashion infused aesthetics. Meet the fabulous Brooklyn based illustrator: Rose Wong.

Simon: “I first caught Rose’s works under my radar thanks to her illustrations for The New York Times. There’s a clear link to fashion in her character design, which I find very appealing. I also enjoy the fact that even though her shapes are quite simplified and minimalistic, she manages to capture quite spectacular details in her projects.¬†

I find the posts in which she gives insights about her process, inspiring as well. So make sure you explore not only her LooooooookBoooooook Instagram account showcasing her characters, but also at her regular account!”

Rose Wong is a Chinese-American illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her BFA in Communications Design with an emphasis in Illustration from Pratt Institute. She frequently contributes to The New York Times, and has honed her skills in conceptualizing complex ideas into simple visuals. Her work has been recognised by American Illustration and in 2019, she was awarded a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators for her short form comic Okay Okay.


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