art director & illustrator

Simon Buijs is an art director/designer of animated illustrations & illustrated animations. He is also known as Bobby Pola. Among his trade-marks are his vibrant color palette and particular shape-construction, but also bold and sassy characters that make a lasting impression on their viewer.

Simon Buijs has many tricks upon his sleeves and is know as a big lover of everything on the borderline of illustration and animation. We have the pleasure to have him on board as a Playgrounds Eye Candy editor. For some time now he shares his inspirations through our platform.

He has worked for Squla, BNO, Kunstmuseum, Karhu, Spotify and Ebay to name a few. He collaborated with  Ambassadors, Submarine, Ka-Ching and Motoko. And he also used to be a tutor of visual design at the Willem de Kooning Academy.
At the moment he is a senior art director at BUCK. And he just  illustrated his first children’s book ‘Liever Niet’ (‘Rather not’) written by Zarissa Windzak. The book is published by Wilde Haren, a fresh publicity company who aim to create inclusive children’s books.