28 July 2021


a playful-with-geometrical-shapes eye candy

If you’re into illustrations featuring an amazing mix of geometrical shapes, you’re in luck. This Eye Candy pick from our editor Romee van der Schoot will more than satisfy your senses. If you’re not into this particular typer of illustrations then you haven’t browsed through Marc David Spengler‘s works. Here’s why you should:

Romee: “Being a big fan of acrylic paint markers myself, I instantly fell in love when I stumbled across this artist’s Instagram profile. Especially the making-of videos mesmerised my mind. He just goes for it, no pencil sketch. Just drawing shapes with those wonderful colors of the paint markers. His name is Marc David Spengler and he is an artist living in Stuttgart (Germany) exploring the graffiti world from a young age. 

I marvel at how many shapes, compositions and color combinations Marc creates, or rather, finds as he goes. Filling dozens of A6 sketchbooks by sketching every day… He even took the step to stop-frame animation, where all of a sudden his abstract and geometric worlds come to live.

“He keeps exploring new ways within his method. He takes a day trip or two to explore textures instead of solid colors, for example. All with his trustworthy acrylic paint markers and his A6 sketchbook. 

Occasionally he develops a sketch into a painting or print which he sells on his web-shop. And he also doesn’t shy away of a mural here and there, where his work fits in perfectly. He really masters his own created craft and creative handwriting.”

Marc David Spengler lives and works near Stuttgart, Germany, where he also studies at The State Academy of Art and Design. 


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