22 January 2021


a playgrounds eye candy turning animation into a runway show

With his latest Playgrounds Eye Candy pick, editor Simon Buijs takes us to an animated runway show orchestrated by the fabulous Florian Perron.

Simon: “What I love about Florian’s works is the way he manages to infuse fashion into them.  His designs are stylish and chic but in the same time they feel relaxed and natural. You could really picture his creations on a runway.

What I also found interesting was the way his designs evolved over time. At the beginning they were more shade based and colourful, but now he seems to be headed towards minimalism, focussing only on the essence.

Definitely check out his online presence because his animated gifs are quite spectacular.”

Florian Perron is a Paris based freelance artist. He works as an animator, storyboard artist and illustrator in collaboration with studios such as Golden Wolf, Wonderlust, Eddy, Cube Creative or Les Petits Fabricants.


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