Playgrounds Expo // Visionary Villages

Playgrounds presents an Expo of two of our Playgrounds Next Talents at the train station in Breda, titled Visionary Villages.

1 October 2017 - 31 March 2018 (Event has ended)
Entrance fee

At the station two display cases will be used as expo rooms for Bram Knol and Vera van Wolferen.

Two worlds are connected by the simple materials of which they are created. Dream away in this architectonical experiment, Visionary Villages.

Bram is an animator and illustrator whose work has an architectial and monumental quality. For this expo he’s prepared a landscape of buildings and a huge mask. Next to his digital work Bram makes his own analog props and sets for his films. This mask will also feature in own of his films.

Vera creates intricate and meticulously-constructed scenes out of paper, cardboard and wood. She is inspired by her everyday surroundings. Seemingly common household objects, architectural elements and automobiles are fused into magical landscapes. The hand crafted scenes she creates are vehicles for the imagination. Since 2016 she is exploring storytelling through sculptured story objects, her story objects are exhibited internationally. This summer she had a solo exhibition A Temporary Parking Space at TAC Eindhoven (NL), and till the 31st of October Plant Life can be seen at Livraria Lello in Porto (PT).

This expo is supported by Gemeente Breda.