animator and visual artist

Animator, set designer and visual artist Vera van Wolferen combines the best of every world. She creates physical worlds, combines it with digital storytelling,  makes from objects, animations and gives her audience a peek into her amazing craftsmanship through her DIY kits.

Vera is no stranger to Playgrounds. We had the pleasure to guide and coach her in our Next Talent Program. In this trajectory she developed the amazing interactieve installation  Thought Hopper 3000.

And at The Art Department she came back with a talk about the creation process of her debut film Tourist Trap, a Ultrakort production.

Tourist Trap is a stop motion animation about Jeep, who is looking for a unique holiday location and seems to have found it: a paradise island with unspoiled nature and special tropical birds. But when he arrives, Jeep learns he’s not the only adventurer…

We are very grateful that Tourist Trap was also screened at The Art Department. After the premiere at Nederlands Film Festival we were the first to show it to our community.