“I identify with Blend in such a direct way that the theme of Blend has been in my work since the very beginning of the last decade.”

Lucy McRae
sci-fi artist, body architect & filmmaker

With a catwalk of cutting edge creativity and focus on trailblazers and audio-visual innovators we bring you the fest and conference Blend every year. In Blend we expand the perspective on post-digital visual culture by picking the brains of leading, inspiring artists from all over the world. We show you a catwalk of inspiring, progressive and innovative work from artists who stretch outside traditional disciplines and love to mash things up.

We had a blast seeing you all in the flesh at Pier15 on 7+8 October. We are super grateful we were able to organize a physical event again. But, as promised, we also really want to re-connect to our international community!

We are really looking forward to sharing a number of talks we recorded ánd add extra speakers for our online event Blend. It only will be happening online on 24+25 November.

And the best part: free entrance, all you have to do is register. What are you waiting for…

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