art director, concept artist, illustrator

With artworks that immediately transport you to other worlds, it is little wonder that Budapest-based Mark Molnar has collaborated on such varied projects. He specializes in the visual development and pre-production design for video games, movies and animations. His impressive client list includes LucasFilm, Time Warner, Netflix, MGM, Weta Workshop, Universal, BBC, Applibot, Square Enix, Eidos and Fantasy Flight Games.

Mark Molnar is an art director, concept artist, illustrator working in the entertainment industry.

He was born and raised in a smaller town in the Northern-East part of Hungary. He went to the Hungarian University of Art and Design (MOME) to learn Visual Communication, and graduated with a Masters degree focus on illustration and graphic design.
In an interview for IAMAG he says: “As I am not from a really wealthy family I already had to work during my uni years to support myself, that’s when started doing various freelance works. First I was doing mainly graphic design jobs, but I soon realized that I like to just draw and paint more, so I started to go more towards that direction. When I graduated I already had a small client base as a freelance illustrator / concept artist and I slowly started to build my career from there.”

When asked about his definition of art, Mark replies “If you think about concept art, from my point of view most of the concept ‘art’ is not really art, but more concept ‘design’. I am not saying concept artists are not artists, but they are more designers and creative problem solvers than artists in the classical terms. As for art itself – I think anything is art what can inspire me and evoke new feeling or thoughts.”

Currently he is an art director at Pixoloid Studios where he works on projects for international game, film and animation companies.

He has collaborated for games developed by Ninja Theory, Square Enix, Applibot, Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games, TOPPS, Paizo among others.