concept artist

Looking at his designs one can’t help noticing the glimpses of light that open entire universes of explorations and interpretations. Faraz Shanyar seems to have a particular talent of capturing the beauty of the shadows and light relationship. Iranian born but currently based in Sweden, Faraz has captured our hearts with his designs for the films The Lion King, Aladdin, the Witcher books, the video-games Wolfenstein, Shadow of War Outlast 2, among others.

Faraz studied in Iran. He went to art school and then to art university but had to unfortunately drop his studies and start working.

In Iran he stayed until he was 27, working mostly in animation companies. He also worked as an illustrator for newspapers and did a series of short comic strips for crime magazines in Iran. He then underwent a series of changes, first moving to Malaysia, then to Canada where he collaborated with Volta.

After this he moved to London where he joined MPC. He collaborated with them for The Lion King, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean and even the upcoming Dune film.

However, he only stayed in the UK for a year and then he moved back to Iran and started teaching drawing and concept art in a private art school. During this time he also worked as a freelancer for remedy on control game and did a cover art for Informer Magazine.

He continued his quest and moved to Sweden to work as a senior concept artist for Machinegames. A job he considers the best job experience he has had until this point.