14 January 2021


a playgrounds eye candy with a strong feminine touch

With her latest Playgrounds Eye Candy tip, editor Romee van der Schoot introduces us to the mesmerizing works of British animation director: Anna Ginsburg. Sporting a very recognisable chromatic style and narratives often focussed on strong female protagonists, Anna’s works create a long-lasting impression on anyone watching them.

Romee: “Anna is a London based animator and director that I just adore. Personally I think her  most iconic projects are the animated interviews and music videos she has done.  Especially her promos are exactly the right amount of transition and smoothness in  animation perfectly suiting the music. It’s all in a simplistic illustrative style that has a  hand-made look and feel.




Her character design is quite recognisable in a lot her projects.  It’s funky, fun and bright with colors schemes that you could describe with these same  words.  

You might know her short film ‘What is beauty?’ in which you witness the beauty  standards for women change through time. With beautiful transitions and uptempo  music she really captures your attention for a very important message. 

Another favorite of mine is ‘private parts’ which are animated interviews about people  who talk about vaginas. She illustrated it in a quirky, fun way and it’s just really  entertaining and informative to watch.   

Anna was a great inspiration to me when I was working on my graduation film a few  years ago in which I also used the storytelling structure of animated interviews.


 I also  show at least one of her films when I give guest lectures about 2D animation, since her  use of transitions is just so clever and mesmerizing!  

And she keeps inspiring me. And you should definitely check out her most recent short  film ‘a love/hate relationship’ for Breast Cancer now which is just beautiful. You can find all of the projects on her website.”


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