9 February 2024


and she will be live in the chat on the 6th of March to announce the winners!

Fab news from the Discord front! This month we have invited character designer and visual development artist Taraneh Karimi to hang around with us on Discord! And she is also setting the tone for our very first Art Challenge.

“Bring Your Dream Project to Life! Create your dream project promotional image!” is the theme that Taraneh chose for the challenge.
But you shouldn‘t get discouraged if you don’t have a project you would like to promote! You can also submit a cover for a potential website of yours, or an image you’d pin on your Instagram profile. Any image that is supposed to give us all an idea about who you are as an artist!

You will have time until the March 6 (15:00 CET) to complete the Art Challenge.

In the evening, March 6, from 19:00 until 21:00CET we will meet up with Taraneh on Discord and chat about how things went.

She will then also reveal her favorite entries! One lucky winner will receive a Playgrounds hoodie! But more artworks stand the chance of being show-cased, on our Instagram account and during The Art Department Eindhoven, on one of the screens, with a tag to your profile!

More details of the challenge right on our Discord!


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