expo | playgrounds blend 2018

Jenny van den Broeke was one of the first Next talents and in this tailor made trajectory she developed a VR installation about losing controle. This installation Far Inside will be exhibited at Playgrounds Blend.

“I am Ton. I want to have to right to be different, that my oddity is accepted. My whole life I searched for a true connection with somebody to share my thoughts and feelings. I’ve had psychoses, which manifested themselves visually in fears and delusions. After this, a second period came which opened an unconsciously reservoir filled with an endless flood of all kind of data, names and places. The psychoses repeated themselves. In contact with other, there still seem to be a gap between them and me. It took more than thirty years to bring outside and inside closer together. I took controle of my fears by painting and ordening. An outsider might notice some oddity but I am capable of living a normal life, despite the social isolation.”

What is normal? Why can’t society make place for outsiders? Can art break stigmatization?

Writer Karin Anema describes how Ton battles his psychoses to get his life together in her book ‘ Today I will buy all colours’. In Far inside, the visitor experiences life with schizophrenia. In this spatial experience you feel the lost of control on reality. The original interviews with Ton are the red line in this installation to give an impression of reality through his eyes. Jenny and Karin are doing research in cooperation with health care partners for further development so that the installation can be part of educational programs.

More information: apvis.nl/far_inside

Director – Jenny van den Broeke (APVIS)
VR design – Marco Jongenelis (APVIS)
Animation – Demian Albers (APVIS)
Text & concept team – Karin Anema
Sound design – Michiel van de Weerthof
Voice – Alfred Martens


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