The Art Department | World Tour – 25 + 26 June 2021

When does the festival start?

The Art Department | World Tour will take place on 25 + 26 June. The event starts on Friday 25 June at 20.00 CEST and ends 24 hours later on Saturday 26 June 20.00 CEST

Where does the festival take place?

Our event is taking place here: weareplaygrounds.filmchief.com/hub. In order to attent this free festival you just have to register.

Where can I find information about the program?

On our website of course: you can find the program here.

When the festival starts you can also find info via the event link: weareplaygrounds.filmchief.com/hub

Under Livestream you will find an overview of the entire program. If you click on an individual slot you will see more information about this slot.

Under Side program you will find some interactive events we have prepared for you. Note that you will have to receive a seat for these live sessions! You can buy your ticket by clicking on one of the programs. Please note that there are a maximum of 30 spots available per interactive session.

How does registration work? 

First you leave your email address at weareplaygrounds.filmchief.com. A link will be send to your email adress which directs you to our registration page. Leave your details and confirm. A few days before the event you will receive a separate link to our online festival location. There you can use your email adress and chosen password to login (please note: the online festival location will not be ‘open’ before 25 June).

How do I register for side program?

Please follow the steps above. After registration you can login to your account and add tickets for the side program. Before the side program starts you will receive a link via email and additional instructions to make sure you can participate and experience the program optimally.

I thought the event was free. Why do I have to buy tickets for the interactive side program?

Our online festival is free of charge. We also have lined up an interactive online side program. Because of limited seating we ask you to reserve a ticket for these program parts. We ask a small processing fee of €2,50 to make sure you’re committed to this seat. So save your seat if you want to participate in our interactive side program!

Refresh your browser on 26 June at around 4.15 CEST and 12.10 CEST

So, this 24h streaming thing doesn’t compute with any tech facilities we have noticed :stuck_out_tongue: So we have to ask you to refresh your browser around 4.15 CEST and 12.10 CEST on June 26th. Bear with us! Give us time to stop and restart the stream! This takes about 2 minutes. In this minute you can also refresh your drink, stretch your legs, do a yoga pose so you are good to go for the next talk!

What is Re-watch?

We understand if you can’t stay awake for the full 24h! So in case you missed something, you can simply re-watch it at a later stage. All talks, panels and demos will be uploaded soon after they ended in the livestream. The re-watch is available until Sunday 27 June 23.00 CEST.

I cannot sign in. What now?

Did you fully register or just send in your mail address? In case of the latter, please check your mail (and your SPAM folder) with more info to complete your registration.

Please refresh your browser and try again.

Doesn’t work? Please restart your computer. Yes. We really said it, turn it off and on again.

Still no luck? Please contact us via info@weareplaygrounds.nl or send a WhatsApp via +31 40 30 98 017

Where is the afterparty?

Right here in our Discord! Dance away!

It is a free festival. So the speakers are not paid, right?

Every artist in our line-up is offered an artist fee. It is of the utmost importance for us that we grant a fair fee for their time and expertise.

We are offering this festival for free to support the international creative community. Here in the Netherlands where we are based, we are incredible lucky to have access to a good health care system and although it has been a rocky ride, Covid has not struck the way it did in other countries like India or in South-America. We think it is so important to give back to the international community and reach out and connect with artists around the globe. With the help of our amazing sponsors and funding partners we are able to offer this festival for free.


We do not refund reserved seats for the interactive side program. The rest of the festival, the livestream is free of charge.

Info for your administration

We don’t hand out invoices for the side program. All information including info regarding VAT is on your ticket and confirmation mail. Our business address is: Playgrounds, Bayeuxlaan 7, 5654AX Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

House rules & Regulations Playgrounds

– All registration tickets are strictly personal;

– It is prohibited to record the talks on any device. Want to share the fun you are having during the World Tour on your social media channels? Please do so respectfully. Don’t share more than 1 recorded minute at a time and don’t record more than 5 minutes from a talk or panel. If you participate in a side program you are kindly asked to share only still images, should you wish to. If an artist mentions that no images are to be shared online, please respect this decision;

– Please be respectful to the artists and each other in the chat;

– The program is tentative and submissive to change. Playgrounds keeps an up to date time schedule on this site. All rights are reserved.

My question is not answered. Whom can I contact?

You can contact our production office via info@weareplaygrounds.nl or send a WhatsApp via +31 40 30 98 017