Blend 2021 Online Only | 24+25 Nov @ Online Hub


How does registration work for Blend online only? 

Go to our online hub. Here you can register for free. All you have to do is register with your e-mail address. A link will be send to your email address which directs you to our registration page. Leave your details and confirm. A day before the event you will receive a separate link to our online festival location. There you can use your email address and chosen password to login.

If you’ve bought a ticket for the on-site festival, you automatically get access to the online edition on 24+25 November.

(please note: the online festival location will not be ‘open’ before 24th of November).


I cannot sign in. What now?

Did you fully register or just send in your mail address? In case of the latter, please check your mail (and your SPAM folder) with more info to complete your registration.

Please refresh your browser and try again.

Doesn’t work? Please restart your computer. Yes. We really said it, turn it off and on again.

Still no luck? Please contact us via info@weareplaygrounds.nl or send a WhatsApp via +31 40 30 98 017


Where is the afterparty?

If you can’t get enough of our online edition: Discord is the place to be! Chat away!


Do the artists get paid for their talk during the festival?

Every artist in our line-up is offered an artist fee. It is of the utmost importance for us that we grant a fair fee for their time and expertise.

We are offering the online edition for free to support the international creative community. Here in the Netherlands where we are based, we are incredible lucky to have access to a good health care system and although it has been a rocky ride, Covid has not struck the way it did in other countries like India or in South-America. We think it is so important to give back to the international community and reach out and connect with artists around the globe. With the help of our amazing sponsors and funding partners we are able to offer this festival for free.

Info for your administration

We don’t hand out invoices. All information including info regarding VAT is on your ticket and confirmation mail. Our business address is: Playgrounds, Bayeuxlaan 7, 5654AX Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

House rules & Regulations Playgrounds

  • All registration tickets are strictly personal;
  • It is prohibited to record the talks on any device. Want to share the fun you are having during Blend on your social media channels? Please do so respectfully. Don’t share more than 1 recorded minute at a time and don’t record more than 5 minutes from a talk or panel. If an artist mentions that no images are to be shared online, please respect this decision;
  •  Only only event: please be respectful to the artists and each other in the chat;
  • The program is tentative and submissive to change. Playgrounds keeps an up to date time schedule on this site. All rights are reserved.


What’s the re-watch? 

Ah, great question. All presentations from the livestream will become available for re-watch once they’ve finished on the stream. Perfect in case you find yourself missing out the talk of one of your favourites! You might find some bonus talks here as well…

All presentation remain available for re-watch until Saturday 27 November – 00:00h CET.

My question is not answered. Whom can I contact?

You can contact our production office via info@weareplaygrounds.nl or send a WhatsApp via +31 40 30 98 017