14 April 2024 - 12 May 2024 (Event has ended)
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Enhance your playfulness with an interactive table bring out the child in you! Winner Cinekid x Amarte MediaLab Open Call 2023 Mixologist is a game where children (and adults as well!) can play with simple objects to discover and explore new worlds, embarking on a wonderful journey full of imagination, inspired by the picture books we grew up with

Mixologist is an interactive table that allows you to explore and mix various worlds. You do so by moving and combining three real objects. Clicking the objects together opens up new worlds. In each of these worlds the thematic focus is on the boundary between real and imaginary; dreams, illusions, time and more. Can you find the three hidden objects in each world? Look for the orca, ice cream and the rocket!

Mixologist is the project-child of Studio APVIS and was sponsored Amarte Fonds and Cinekid Festival.

Founded in 2006 by a collective of artists and producers that combine audio visual techniques to share their stories and create immersive experiences. APVIS merges disciplines: AV Design, AR, VR and installations to tickle the imagination and deliver their message.

The APVIS foundation was founded as a research and development space for audio visual art. Over the years the foundation has produced a variety of Virtual Reality and Video Art installations, that have received international acclaim.