Playgrounds Next X Cultuurnacht Breda

Short film program showing the best of Brabant. A special program during Cultuurnacht Breda at Chassé Cinema.

27 January 2017 (Event has ended)
23:30 - 02:00

At Cultuurnacht Breda we will show a compilation of shorts by the best Brabant has to offer at Chassé Cinema.

From the disturbing and hilarious What Else by the talented Jelle van Meerendonk to the brilliant cardboard scenes of Vera van Wolferen. With new work by the extraordinary Jasper Kuipers from Breda. He uses specifics of animation like the possibility to strip reality of all noise, to distil clarity out of chaos and tell his story. Stop motion specialist Niels Hoebers collaborated with designer Maarten Baas on his film Clay 2056, a look into the future of the designer. Funny and beautiful. That and so much more: Charlotte Apers, Olga van den Brandt, Bram Knol, Jeffrey Schreuders, Raymon Wittenberg and Aimée de Jongh.

So come, sit back, and watch these films on the silver screen! Tickets: 

Special thanks to our venue Chassé Cinema!