Illustrator and Concept artist

Zeen Chin is a self-taught freelance illustrator and concept artist. He is inspired by Asian folklore, Hong Kong horror movies and he explores childhood themes. This has led to the dark and surreal illustration style of Zeen, full of strange demons and fantastic creatures. He has worked on RGP game “Legend of the Cryptids”, the cult phenomenon board game “Kingdom of Death” and Applibot’s card game Galaxy Saga.

Zeen Chin is a self-taught artist who loved to draw since he was a kid. When he was exposed to Master Katsuya Terada’s artbook it introduced him to a whole new world. Before he only drew Dragon Ball but this book motivated him to reach the same level of expertise which resulted into an unmistakable signature.

Zeen’s inspiration comes from multiple facets, from anime to horror films. His work could be seen as the amalgamation of playful and creepy. His drawings tell a story which is enforced by the use of color. Zeen keeps on improving and reinventing himself.