character animator

Dutch character animator Peer Lemmers worked on numerous films, games and series like Horizon Zero Dawn, Jurassic World, Rise of the Guardians and Edge of Tomorrow. He was responsible for the animation of every creature from Horizon Forbidden West.

Peer Lemmers was born in Kristiansand, Norway where his Dutch family lived until he was 16 months old. His parents always had a dream to sail around the world and having the financial opportunity to do so, they did not hesitate. The entire family set out on a 35 foot sailing boat and spend the next two years travelling through the Caribbean, Middle and South America ’s before returning to Holland. It was during these travels that Peer started drawing and making up little worlds of his own in order to entertain himself and his brother during long crossings.

As a consequence he spent all his high-school years drawing. This also lead to frequent visits to the vice principal’s office in order to give explanations about his cartoons (which just so happened to be in most cases about the vice principal himself!) It was then that he decided to become a cartoonist and/or animator but it was not until his mid 20’s that he got the opportunity to do so by attending the first and only Cartoon School in Amsterdam.

With over 15 years experience in film, vfx and games Lemmers has a strong blend of styles and knowledge concerning the art of animation and its role within a scheduled production environment. Lemmers worked for companies like DreamWorks, Tippett Studio, Double Negative, Reel FX, Sony Imageworks, Rare Microsoft, Image Engine and Guerrilla Games amongst others, which have helped form his creative vision.

His projects range from games, AR, to film.  Aside from recently working on Horizon Forbidden West, he was also lead animator for Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazon.

Peer also collaborated with  SAE Amsterdam for a series of lectures on animation.