Blending, mixing, and stirring things up. Russian-born filmmaker Nikita Diakur made it his speciality. Innovative narratives that question formats and styles, cutting edge visuals, unexpected stories. Just a couple of Nikita’s famous trade-marks… We had the pleasure to have him on stage at   Blend 2019.

Nowadays Diakur is based in Germany and he is best known for his projects ‘Ugly’ and ‘Fest’, which have received critical acclaim at film festivals around the world.

Ugly‘ is a film project inspired by stories mined from the internet, each filled with bizarre characters, high-octane urban environments and terrifyingly unpredictable physics. “We tried to design the characters as if they were created by someone who doesn’t know how to design,” says Diakur. “In a way we were trying to surprise ourselves with the result – like when you are drawing with your weak hand or like kids when they are drawing things. That is why everything is slightly off and out of proportion.” (- It’s Nice That)

‘Fest’ is a tribute to YouTube culture, especially the protagonists in fail compilations. Just like these unfortunate thrill-seekers, the characters deal with unexpected results and extreme situations: freedom and spontaneity are common elements and are picked up within the animation style.

Diakur’s signature style is dynamic computer simulation that embraces spontaneity, randomness, and error. he regularly gives talks and workshops, recently undertook a residency at Q21 in Vienna, and is a member of the European Film Academy.