animation studio

London based animation studio, The Line  was founded by artists and filmmakers who believe that every creative project starts with a good idea. The studio is run by animators meaning that their priority is always the quality of the work.  They tackle different kinds of projects, from small independent jobs to large commercials, and everything else in between but sharing one common feature: an exceptional story.

Despite having deep roots in the traditional craft of animation they are interested in embracing the ever-changing ways in which animation is created, consumed, and shared. Aside from films and commercials, they have worked on interactive projects, VR, 3D, 2D and motion graphics. Their online videos gather over 20 million combined views to date and have received various awards, including 7 Vimeo Staff Picks, a BAFTA nomination for Best Short Film, and awards from the LA Music Video Festival and ADC Young Guns.

They have been featured in publications including The Verge, Buzzfeed, Variety, The BBC, GQ, and Engadget, and worked with such clients as Nickelodeon, Ubisoft, Dyson, Freeview, Virgin, HSBC, and Axe. Among their most spectacular works are Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit, Everything I Can See From Here short films, Amaro and Walden’s Joyride music video and the Ciclope’s festival opening titles.


The Line, in collaboration with BlinkInk, created the video for ’Humility’, the first track from The Now Now, the studio album from Gorillaz, released in June 2018. Some of their other projects include Worlds 2020 – League of Legends – a music video made in collaboration with Riot Games to mark the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends, the short film The Mighty Grand Piton, as well as some wickedly creative commercial collaborations with Gucci, Unilever, Mercedes Benz and YT Industries, to name a few.

More recently they created the music videos for Lil Nas X – Star Walkin’, Hero for Marvel Snap as well as Type S: Chiaki’s Journey II – a micro-series featuring the new Integra Type S from Acura.