playgrounds 2013 | TITLES

FLORIS+MENNO is a directors duo formed by Floris Vos and Menno Fokma. They design and direct cutting-edge film for fashion, music videos, mood film, title sequences and brand film. 

With their films they tell stories, create experiences and set moods which are stylized, surreal and often heavily drained in abstraction and metaphorical imagery. They continuously explore new ways of telling stories while developing new visual styles and collaborations with musicians, photographers, fashion designers, writers, sound designers and graphic designers.

For Playgrounds Festival they made an Opening Title edition of their short film ‘The Rapid Eye’. In this movie a girl gets confronted with obscure visions, when undergoing in a new sort of hypnosis therapy. The film is born from the personal need to experiment with a surreal mood, visual style and a fragmented way of storytelling. The film could be described as a moody and iconic cross-over between fashion film and a music video.