the art department 2020 | ARTIST TALK (live on stage)

Colorbleed is the creative ally that settles for no less than leaving a mark. As a global 3D animation studio they bring narratives to life - on steroids. Their team of animators and storytellers, design engaging characters and produce memorable stories that evoke emotion. They have worked on impressive projects like Legend of Ikto, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, Redeemer and Hard Reset Redux, among others so we're beyond excited about having them involved in The Art Department 2020 – the hybrid edition.

Colorbleed is a Dutch animation studio, known for its character-and story-driven work. Work that leaves a mark. From the start of Colorbleed in 2011 a strong aspect of the team has been adapting to a variety of projects. Colorbleed loves concepting new ideas and pitching the absurd. They even develop tailor-made techniques to produce unseen before art styles and take projects up a notch by developing in-house tools. Tom is your go to director for his strong cinematography, spectacular action impact and beautiful compositions. With his experience as Art Director at Colorbleed he is able to transform short ideas into polished gems, both in motion and final look.

When talking about how they tackle projects, they say  “It’s inspirational to be among peers who love telling stories and don’t want to leave any story left untold. That’s Colorbleed. We believe that every story can be sparkling to your imagination when told the right way.” It’s a philosophy that landed them contracts with clients such as KLM, Aldi, Douwe Egberts, Asics, T-mobile, Tele 2, Albert Heijn and TNT.

During The Art Department 2020 hybrid edition their talk will be about how a small studio can produce high quality artwork, trying to compete with the biggest companies in the field. They’ll dive deeper into the production process for a few of our most esteemed projects and talk about the challenges we’ve overcome on a case-by-case basis. They’ll also cover how the company started, the dream, the setbacks and the growth.