21 June 2023


state secretary Gunay Uslu invests millions in regional filmtalent hubs

Last Monday, June 19th, we had the pleasure of welcoming state secretary Gunay Uslu, right on our Playgrounds premises. Throughout the day we hosted several meetings and presentations from our partners from Screen Talent NL as well as former Next talents, enthusiastically received by Mrs. Uslu.

On the occasion of this work-visit the state secretary also announced the decision to further invest an additional six million euros in the upcoming years in the development of the regional film and talent programs. Simply fabulous news!

The decision salutes our endeavors of the past years, together with our partners in crime CineSud and Noardic Wave, of strengthening opportunities for a more balanced development of film talents and audiovisual projects throughout the entire Netherlands.

The efforts of Screen Talent NL – the united network of talent and production hubs we are proud to be a part of – were rewarded as it was announced that regional talent hubs and talent programs, such as our own Next talents, will receive a financial boost. Here’s to a bright future!

And what a timing! With ever growing concerns about the future of human created art as well as the constant expectations of film and cultural projects needing to appeal to large masses in order to be relevant, it comes as a breath of fresh air this investment in the development of programs nurturing new talents, fresh perspectives and uncharted cinematic possibilities.

We are so very grateful to everyone who, like us, believed in the potential, force and the importance of creating opportunities for regional film and talents. Over the past 17 years so many people contributed to this lobby. Especially thanks to Provincie Noord-Brabant, Kunstloc Brabant, the program TalentHub Brabant as well as all of our Next partners.

We are also thankful to Nederlands Filmfonds, Ministerie van OCW and FilmForward for the fine cooperation on this project. What a beautiful outcome we achieved together!

Looking forward to continuing to collaborate in the years to come! With joined forces we are bound to build a bright future for Dutch film in its full breadth and depth, both for makers and audiences! Just you wait and see!