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Visual artist and Eye Candy editor Jort van Welbergen is introducing us to the amazing works of freelance illustrator Zeen Chin.

Jort: ‘’Zeen is a freelance illustrator from Malaysia, currently working for Applibot and Kingdom of Death. His unique style and fresh themes make him stand out from the ever-growing crowd of illustration artists. He has a great feel for narrative and mystery, which is really visible in his work. He has no fear of using nudity and ‘sexiness’ in his work. Unlike many Asian character designers, he does not fall into clichés by using this. Instead, his illustrations feel natural and with focus on the story and the colors instead of on the forenamed features. On top of that he is an amazing, open, humble and friendly guy and I look forward to seeing his path in the many years to come.’’

Zeen Chin is a self-taught freelance illustrator and concept artist. He is inspired by Asian folklore, Hong Kong horror movies and he explores childhood themes. This has led to the dark and surreal illustration style of Zeen, full of strange demons and fantastic creatures. He has worked on RGP game “Legend of the Crytids”, the cult phenomenon board game “Kingdom of Death” and Applibot’s card game Galaxy Saga.


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