playgrounds eye candy

A new dose of inspiration comes this time in shape of a lavish Playgrounds Eye Candy tip selected by our editor Bo Zonneveld. He introduces us to the fabulous works of Tyler Smith.

Bo: “With 3D getting faster and faster one can achieve final looking concepts and illustrations without having to use any 2D. On top of this, Real Time Rendering makes this even more easy and useful as you can have different angles of the same concept all without having to recalculate your whole scene. Tyler Smith is utilizing these elements in his works, to their full potential.

He is a master at creating very lush and saturated environments together with great illustrations in which he can walk around and show us glimpses of fantastic worlds! In the near future, I expect lots of artists to work like this, so make sure to follow his super inspiring projects and tutorials.”

Tyler Smith is a Seattle based environment artist currently working at Sucker Punch Studios.


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